Women’s Crazy Clothes Sizing

It’s not you – women’s clothing sizes don’t make any sense!

I had my debut radio interview this morning on Cork’s 96FM to discuss the very frustrating topic of the varying sizes between women’s clothes sizes.  In theory a size should at least remain the same within a single brand but that’s not always the case either.  I have from size xs to L, 8 to 14 and everything in between in my wardrobe.  A recent case study found jeans size varied by 5 inches depending on the brand…..let that sink in 5 inches!

Standard sizing was introduced to enable women “to be fitted properly by the same size regardless of the price, type of apparel or manufacturer of the garment.”

Decades ago there was standard sizing, a 10 was a 10 but the changed as the market became more branded centred and each brand developed its own sizing to suit their target market.

Women are left to navigate the chaos of arbitrary sizes on their own. Yes, it may only be a number but it is feeding into women’s insecurities and negative self talk and self esteem when they have to purchase perhaps 3 sizes bigger.  Cut the label off I say, but that doesn’t distract from the demoralising experience in the changing rooms.

There is a new initiative in the UK sponsored by 6 large retailers and universities to standardise the sizes but this is not without its challenges as what is an average size 8, 10, 14 etc.

It is no secret that many brands engage in ‘vanity sizing’, making the clothes bigger than the tag suggests e.g.’. 12 fit like a 14.  The thinking behind this tactic is that women are more likely to buy an item when it makes them feel good about themselves.  Research shows a size 8 dress size now is about the same as a size 16 in 1958 – Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a size 14 in todays terms!

When I work with clients I advise them to think as the size as a guideline not gospel.  I’ll help you dress for your unique SHAPE not size that will flatter and enhance your silhouette transforming how you look on the outside and feel on the inside.

It’s not about what size you wear.  It’s about how you wear your size.

Contact me for your  20-minute Complimentary Style. Don’t measure your self-worth on the scales or on a clothes label.  

Style…..it’s a feeling.


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