I loved the evening – it was great fun and very motivational. My usual habit would be to go and randomly buy clothes which followed trends or which I felt I needed/would suit me because I believed a new outfit could fix everything……. but often it didn’t and I would feel despondent (with clothes tossed to the wardrobe unworn!)

Through your style coaching you gave me the tools to acknowledge that it is about me as a whole, I don’t need to buy new on trend clothes to look or feel good, I need to be me in what I feel comfortable (with a bit of colour thrown in!).  As you say,  Style….it’s a feeling…..
I have also cleared out the wardrobe so when I go to the wardrobe now to choose clothes I know I can wear what is there …….. no more what if’s (what if was two sizes smaller, an inch taller…….

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