Sharon Huggard’s approach to styling was exactly what I needed. After a full on work schedule, ailing parents, busy kids, I felt I had become invisible not only to others but, worse still, to myself. I knew it was my own doing but couldn’t get out of the rut. Sharon helped me to identify the areas of my life that needed more love. It seemed like a mammoth task in theory but when I started to practically look at the various segments of me, by changing one part even just a little (I decluttered my overburdened wardrobe), it had such a positive knock-on impact on the rest of my life, and literally gave me the confidence to move forward and make radical changes to he rest of me.

I was surprised at the impact to be honest. I thought fashion was something to be worn on the outside. But styling is internal and this is what Sharon taught me. Happiness comes from within. And once I got that right, the rest fell into place! Needless to say I’m still the Mom-Taxi and working around the clock, but I feel great. And, more importantly, very very visible!

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