Having completed the transformational 7-Step Signature Style programme with Sharon I knew what suited my body shape, colour and style personality and my wardrobe de-cluttered I felt ready confident going shopping for gaps in my wardrobe and wardrobe staples. The experience was very gentle there was no obligation to purchase and Sharon really knew my likes and dislikes and what items I’d get most wear out of for my lifestyle. The shopping experience was a complimentary bonus for completing the programme, it was incredible to have the Personal Style Suite in Brown Thomas, clothes pre-selected but I was also able to pick items I liked, I got a discount and free gift. I didn’t have to lift as much as a hanger it was all looked after for me.  It certainly has given me the tools and confidence to trust my choices when I go shopping next time. I cant recommend the 7 Step Programme enough it gave me my mojo back and what a way to finish off the programme in Style.

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