From the minute I had my complimentary discovery call with Sharon I just knew she got me. I felt she understood me and what I was trying to achieve, a few outfits for work as I was not happy that my look was reflecting me at my best or my role. Sharon instantly made me feel relaxed as I knew she wasn’t trying to change me but bring out the best of me so I would be able to dress with confidence and ease for my personality..  Our shopping trip was a great success, it was a wonderful experience and that’s saying something as I hate Shopping!

Sharon’s research was excellent as she knew my body shape, style personality etc before we hits the shops and had selected items to maximises our 2 hour session. I was so delighted we got some lovely items that I can mix and match and most importantly I will feel confident wearing to work. I can’t recommend Sharon enough as it wasn’t just a personal shopping trip I feel I have a much better understanding of what suits my body shape now so I feel more confident in my own choices now. Dare I say it I am looking forward to my next shopping trip!

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