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As President of Network Ireland West Cork in 2019 I used Sharon for my leadership event. I really wanted to give the members something very special and so I asked her to do a ‘Dress for Success’ session. Our members consist of women from a variety of sectors but one common theme all very successful and ambitious in their own rights. Sharon’s session was fantastic. She gave us all incredible tips on how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe and her taste is second to none. What I really loved about working with Sharon is she is just lovely and you automatically feel comfortable with her. The feedback from the members was terrific and everyone felt she was easily to relate to. Quite often you go to style events and you get intimated by them, this was the complete opposite. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Sharon for a very informative and fun event.

Ciara Byrne MDBeacon AI and Presidentof Network Ireland West Cork 2019

We are very lucky at Network Ireland Cork branch to have Sharon Huggard share her  ’10 steps roadmap to working from home with Style’. Sharon is really engaging and it was a breath of fresh air to listen to her give a session on this topic. Sharon shared her tips along with what has and hasn’t worked for her with an authentic approach which is refreshing and uplifting.   I would highly recommend Sharon’s workshop if you want to lift your network members, teams,  or employees. I personally took away some great advise which changed how I feel about working from home

Marguerite O’ SullivanPresident, Network Ireland Cork & Senior Engineering Manager DePuy (Ireland), Johnson & Johnson

We were delighted with Sharon’s presentation at a recent Network Cork event. The theme was ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ – Sharon took our brief on board and geared her talk towards busy working women. Our members were very impressed with her knowledge and practical approach to fashion. The clothes she picked out were super and very tempting! We would definitely recommend her for her no-nonsense approach and advice – fewer clothes, more outfits! Just what every woman wants to hear.

Gillian HennessyPresident, Network Ireland Cork

Thank you so much for your involvement in our recent event at The Kingsley. Your participation contributed greatly to what was a very successful event for us. Your communication in the lead up to the event was excellent and I felt reassured that your element of the event was straightforward and under control. You were flexible with regards to timings and content. Even though we only had one hour to dedicate to your segment, you ensured that the hour was structured well and that there was key take outs for the attendees. The presentation was well researched and there was something for everyone to take home and put into action. One of my personal take out was; ‘If you can’t see if, you can’t wear it’. Thanks again for your help, I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone in the market for a speaker, or indeed a Style Coach. I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for future events.

Fiona BarrySales Manager, The Kingsley Hotel

Once I met Sharon and explained the work we do at The Hope Foundation she didn’t hesitate to come on board and be part of our fundraiser delivering a  fantastic straight talking style work shop. Sharon empowers Irish women to be the best they can be inside and out which very much aligns with HOPE where we empower women in Kolkata  to live a life of dignity, self -esteem and independence- anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Sharon should count themselves lucky!

Sharon KeohaneHope Ireland Operations and Fundraising Manager
What Clients Say

Styling Clients

“My style confidence was at rock bottom before working with Sharon. I had gained some weight and felt like I needed to tackle that first before I could look and feel confident, but that changed on meeting Sharon. I realised that I was delaying the possibility of feeling good now, and that I could actually dress my body, as it is, in a way that would boost my confidence and have an immediate effect. Working with Sharon has been a game changer for me. I really felt like she went over and above for me and was really invested in my progress and my purchases and it was all done with huge love and compassion. I’m delighted that I gave myself this everlasting gift.”


“I’m absolutely delighted working with Sharon!  I have outfits l love that make me feel ready to do business, and have greatly increased my confidence.  I’m absolutely delighted!”

Fiona WalshImagine Coaching, Cork

When I spoke to Sharon about the challenges I was facing in dealing with an overflowing wardrobe, but still with nothing to wear, she recommended her “sort your wardrobe’ service. The process was not only effective, but was also enjoyable which is down to Sharon’s knowledgeable, professional and empathetic approach. In helping me to reflect on what suits me, and getting rid of anything that did not, I regained my sense of style which in turn has bolstered my confidence! Sharon is someone that I would recommend without hesitation whether you need to refresh your style or want a complete change.

NiamhManaging Director, Cork

I am truly so truly grateful for all your help.  your 7 Step Signature Style System totally changed my wardrobe and my life.

KateNutritional Therapist & Author, London

Having completed the transformational 7-Step Signature Style programme with Sharon I knew what suited my body shape, colour and style personality and my wardrobe de-cluttered I felt ready confident going shopping for gaps in my wardrobe and wardrobe staples. The experience was very gentle there was no obligation to purchase and Sharon really knew my likes and dislikes and what items I’d get most wear out of for my lifestyle. The shopping experience was a complimentary bonus for completing the programme, it was incredible to have the Personal Style Suite in Brown Thomas, clothes pre-selected but I was also able to pick items I liked, I got a discount and free gift. I didn’t have to lift as much as a hanger it was all looked after for me.  It certainly has given me the tools and confidence to trust my choices when I go shopping next time. I cant recommend the 7 Step Programme enough it gave me my mojo back and what a way to finish off the programme in Style.

DeirdreFund Accountant Director, Cork

Sharon Huggard’s approach to styling was exactly what I needed. After a full on work schedule, ailing parents, busy kids, I felt I had become invisible not only to others but, worse still, to myself. I knew it was my own doing but couldn’t get out of the rut. Sharon helped me to identify the areas of my life that needed more love. It seemed like a mammoth task in theory but when I started to practically look at the various segments of me, by changing one part even just a little (I decluttered my overburdened wardrobe), it had such a positive knock-on impact on the rest of my life, and literally gave me the confidence to move forward and make radical changes to he rest of me.

I was surprised at the impact to be honest. I thought fashion was something to be worn on the outside. But styling is internal and this is what Sharon taught me. Happiness comes from within. And once I got that right, the rest fell into place! Needless to say I’m still the Mom-Taxi and working around the clock, but I feel great. And, more importantly, very very visible!


From the minute I had my complimentary discovery call with Sharon I just knew she got me. I felt she understood me and what I was trying to achieve, a few outfits for work as I was not happy that my look was reflecting me at my best or my role. Sharon instantly made me feel relaxed as I knew she wasn’t trying to change me but bring out the best of me so I would be able to dress with confidence and ease for my personality..  Our shopping trip was a great success, it was a wonderful experience and that’s saying something as I hate Shopping!

Sharon’s research was excellent as she knew my body shape, style personality etc before we hits the shops and had selected items to maximises our 2 hour session. I was so delighted we got some lovely items that I can mix and match and most importantly I will feel confident wearing to work. I can’t recommend Sharon enough as it wasn’t just a personal shopping trip I feel I have a much better understanding of what suits my body shape now so I feel more confident in my own choices now. Dare I say it I am looking forward to my next shopping trip!

AnneCEO, Cork

I can’t believe how much has changed since we worked together! Not only am I more confident with my clothing choices now, but I also am more confident in life and feel like I have a handle on a work-life balance..

Kate KnowlerDirector at Allergy and Health Test Clinic, London
What Clients Say


I loved the evening – it was great fun and very motivational. My usual habit would be to go and randomly buy clothes which followed trends or which I felt I needed/would suit me because I believed a new outfit could fix everything……. but often it didn’t and I would feel despondent (with clothes tossed to the wardrobe unworn!)

Through your style coaching you gave me the tools to acknowledge that it is about me as a whole, I don’t need to buy new on trend clothes to look or feel good, I need to be me in what I feel comfortable (with a bit of colour thrown in!).  As you say,  Style….it’s a feeling…..
I have also cleared out the wardrobe so when I go to the wardrobe now to choose clothes I know I can wear what is there …….. no more what if’s (what if was two sizes smaller, an inch taller…….


I thought the event was very well done and you spoke honestly and passionately.  I really enjoyed your presentation, it was well planned and really well thought out.


Your presentation was very professional I thought. You are very easy to listen to and I think its fair to say the audience were intrigued and interacted with you which I think is important. I like your style of presentation in that you add humour but yet everything you talked about every woman in the room could relate to.


Thank you Sharon, I really enjoyed your Masterclass!  It was great fun and motivational.  I left determined to declutter my wardrobe.  Saturday morning saw a couple of full black sacks going to a charity shop, including some that were bad impulse buys with labels still attached!  I have also decided to be brave and incorporate more colour and patterns into my wardrobe.  Will definitely be buying well in future and more mindful of what I am buying, and why.  A big thank you for helping me climb out of the rut I had fallen into.


Thank u very much for a very enjoyable evening. I love your honesty about weight, underwear and all the other bits that we women beat ourselves up about. For me, thanks to you, I am thinking more about what I have n my wardrobe & how best to wear the clothes I love, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop buying them but, i will buy well. ❤


After 2 hours of fantastic style coaching advice I came away with the following take-aways:

  1. Buy for your current life-style, not for the ‘Just in Case’.
  2. Bring all the clothes in your wardrobe for a walk often
  3. Self-care – You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Thanks so much Sharon for a wonderful evening where the focus was just on ME for ME.


Sharon’s masterclass was really enjoyable and I picked up lots of helpful hints and tips. Loved the quote that comparison is the thief of joy ,it is so true, and us women are always at it unknown to ourselves. also your advice on if you are going to wear something you should as you put it “own it” was really good I’m guilty of not doing this often and am going to improve myself on that front. I have set myself some goals as a result of the night and hope to follow through on them. Thank you for a lovely and informative evening


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