The 7-Step Signature Style System™

The Style Solution: 30 Days To Your Signature Style

This is the next level styling experience, it is the ultimate Style and Confidence transformation inside and out, creating your Signature Style. Creating a look and wardrobe that reflects your brand and style, taking you to the next level in business and life with confidence.

It will take you on a journey of Style Discovery from feeling stuck, lost and overwhelmed to finding yourself and your style and feeling empowered.

The 7-Step Signature Style System™ will revolutionise how you dress with Style & Confidence.

  • 5 zoom 1-2-1 calls (worth €495)
  • Dress for your Body Shape (worth €79)
  • Style Personality Guide (worth €59)
  • Colour Chart (worth €79)
  • Sort your Wardrobe, Simplify your Life (worth €79)
  • Outfit Inspiration boards (€89)
  • Bonuses: What do your clothes say about you?, Wardrobe Checklist, Makeover Your Wardrobe Cheat Sheet, Authentic Living Test, Lifestyle Analysis Chart, Shopping Plan, Body Shape Guide & Cheat Sheet, Body Image & Learning to Love yourself Exercises, Roadmap to living the life you deserve (worth €199)
  • Total worth €1,079, you pay €499 – it’s time to invest in yourself!
  • Dress for your unique Body Shape.
  • Open your wardrobe and see outfits. Not just any outfits either – oh no, outfits that fit, look good on and make you feel great.
  • Find your Style Personality, because the way your dress is so much more than the clothes you wear.  It is time to tap into your authentic sense of style and shine.
  • Know your wow colours to enhance you physically and boost your mood. ‘The best colour in the whole, is the one that looks good on you’ – Coco Chanel.  So find out yours!
  • Sort your Wardrobe, Simplify your Life. Our aim is to take stock and utilise what you have in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe impacts significantly on your daily dressing & shopping habits and your ability to create a collection of clothes that meet the demands of your lifestyle. You will be empowered to get dressed with ease and confidence and ditch the overwhelm and wardrobe that is keeping you stuck.
  • Build your capsule wardrobe with Staples that you can mix and match to give you endless outfits. Think fewer clothes, more outfits!
  • Stamp your Style on your wardrobe staples, make it your own. Add accessories, texture, colour and interest to your wardrobe to make it unique to your personality.
  • Make these changes in small steps to build momentum to ensure they are sustainable through daily Self-Care habits.

This is the ultimate Style Programme if you are ready to dress with impact.

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