Body Shape Analysis

Dress For Your Body Shape €79

It is not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size.
  1. Open your wardrobe and see outfits.  Not just any outfits either – oh no, outfits that fit, look good on and make you feel great.
  2. Never have to ask anybody ‘Does my bum look big in this?’  The question is enough to put the fear of God into anybody!
  3. Smile like the cat that got the cream (without haven’t to stop eating it) when you are asked ‘Have you lost weight?’ The fact you haven’t lost, and ounce can be our little secret!
  4. Change up your style, still looking like you…..only better!
  5. Not spending a fortune on a Personal Stylist. You are a smart cookie, you can tackle this whole style thing; you just need some tips and tools to accentuate your body shape.

Styling your body shape is the first step to creating your signature style with confidence. Do not put it off for a minute longer, now is the time to transform how you look on the outside and feel on the inside. It is the key to a more confident, svelte, and stylish you and you deserve that NOW!

Dressing for your unique body shape is the foundation for mastering the art of getting dressed with style and confidence. Whether you are size 8 or size 18 learning how to enhance your individual body shape will transform how you look on the outside and feel on the inside. You will learn how to dress for your body shape, what the best styles to suit your body are, which to avoid, the best scale patterns and accessories.

  • Body Shape Guide & Cheat Sheet
  • Body Image & Learning to Love Yourself Exercises
  • Roadmap to living the life you deserve

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