Network Ireland Emerging New Businesswoman 2022

Last week I won an award for Network Ireland Emerging New Businesswoman 2022.

I had applied the previous 2 years and was not successful. On reflection I am not going to lie, I “needed” to win as I was looking for external validation that I was ENOUGH and that my business was successful,  It was coming from a place of fear!

This year I had done so much “work” on my thoughts and beliefs that I had totally let go and detached from the outcome.  I would love to win but didn’t need it for external validation.

This is why personal development and working on your mindset is a vital aspect of the work I do with my clients because unless you change the underlying beliefs and thoughts you are just putting a plaster on a broken leg!

Another belief that I kicked to touch this year was I can not be successful because I am carrying extra weight.  I am so glad to let you know that the work I did using my invaluable QTT tools (Quantum Thinking Transformation) gave me FREEDOM from this debilitating belief that kept me stuck and playing small.

Whoop Whoop I won that award even at my heaviest weight.  I am not defined by my weight and body size.  I am so much more and so are you!  It is my mission to help you see that for yourself.  It is so liberating when you no longer weigh your self worth on the scales you you stop deferring your dreams until you weigh x, look it y, fit into z.

I was commended on the fact I am the ONLY person in the world….yes the whole world to combine Personal Styling and NLP/QTT so I am in a unique position to help you stop hiding and holding yourself back, measuring your self-worth on the scales to find FREEDOM to live your life, taking opportunities and making memories.

Stye…’s a feeling!


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