Emerging Business NIWC Award

I was a finalist for Network Ireland West Cork Emerging New Business Award.

I did not win……..was I disappointed?

The answer is NO. That does not mean that I did not want to win, it means I was not disappointed that I did not win.  The winner of the category is a incredible and most worthy winner and I wish Katy continued success.  I am very proud of myself for being short listed as a finalist, mere months into my journey as a Style Coach.  The main reason I’m not disappointed is I now feel like there are opportunities and possibilities open to me that I had completely shut off when I was rooted firmly in my comfort zone…..yes it was safer but in that safety there was no growth.  I now realise the varierty, excitement and uncertainity that comes with getting outside my comfort zone is worth it….. as there are POSSIBILITIES.

Yesterday we celebrated the most incredibly talented, supportive, successful, inspirational women in business in West Cork in the most magnificent surroundings of Liss Ard Estate. There was such a sense of genuine delight for the winners it was a really special atmosphere.  Ann O’Leary CEO of Vodafone was an incredible guest speaker and spoke about how to use your position of power for good.   Let’s raise each up, send the elevator down to those we can help.

I invite you to think about where in your life you are holding yourself back.  What if you got out of your comfort zone….. where could it lead? what could you achieve?  What would be possible?

I can help you get out of your style rut and transform how you look on the outside and feeling on the inside.  Email sharonstyle4you@gmail.com to book your complimentary 20 minute discovery call.
Transform Your Style. Transform Your Confidence.  Transform Your Life.

Style…..it’s a feeling.

Sharon Huggard 
The Style Coach

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