Appearing on National TV is One Way of Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

What are you holding yourself back from doing?

Earlier this week, I appeared on National TV on the Elaine Show on Virgin Media. People said sure you’ll be grand, you are confident, a natural but they were wrong. Well, it wasn’t always the case… a mere 2 years ago I would not have done a pray of the faithful.

So, what changed…..I did! I realised that if I was to follow my passion and start my own business I was going to have to get out of my own way as I was terrified of speaking in public.  It always perplexed me as I loved meeting and speaking to people so WHY?  Well, when I dug deep it was nothing to do with the speaking, it was the FEAR of being judged, not being good enough, not being perfect, not knowing enough.   But I had to step up and get out of comfort zone to help you, who I truly felt passionate about helping.  I could not ask you to step up if I wasn’t going too.   So slowly, bit by bit I started stepping up, going to networking events, putting my name forward to present my elevator pitch, joining in zoom calls in groups etc.  Were they perfect NO, but with each I could no longer say ‘I could not do that’ – it was under my belt and yes I could improve on it, but there was progress!

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If I had not taken these small steps to build on my confidence I am certain I would not have a business I am passionate about and I most definitely would not have been invited on the Elaine Show.

So my question to you is ‘What are you holding yourself back from achieving?’ because you are not feeling confident.  I certainly would never have believed I would be on National TV being interviewed when I am carrying extra weight, I would have said when I loose the weight….sound familiar!.  I had 36 hours notice so there was no time for any grooming appointments (I did manage to fit in a blow dry) but again that could have stopped me from saying YES.  There were doubts, what if what I said on National TV wasn’t perfect, or somebody disagreed!  II am not going to lie, yes there were nerves but told myself it was excitement (read Mel Robbind – The 5 Second Rule).

Life is too short to not live it as you’d like….. to challenge yourself, grow and dream..  Make 2020 the year you step up with confidence and say YES to opportunities.

I can help you create a look and wardrobe that embodies your style and brand while taking you the next level in you business and life with confidence.

Style….it’s a feeling.


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