I have become more confident and more in love with myself and my body … as it is.

My style and body confidence before working with Sharon was very as was my self esteem. I was always putting others’ needs before my own.
The old adage of “I’ve nothing to wear” and a wardrobe full of clothes definitely applied to me but they either didn’t fit or flatter me. While I love fashion on other people I didn’t want to put myself out there.
My life and style transformation I commenced living the life that I wanted for myself and started to prioritise myself.

Siobhan, East Cork

I was feeling lost and invisible. Working with Sharon has re- ignited my self love and self care, introduced new colours to my wardrobe and I now have my own unique personal style. I have found myself!

More importantly I now believe….”I am worth it” “I am enough” “I am perfect in my uniqueness”
It’s just an incredible change in me inside and out.
Anyone out there feeling lost and invisible like I was, get in touch with Sharon today, don’t leave it any longer.
Sharon gets it, she knows where you are right now because she has already been there herself and knows all the obstacles and excuses that we create.
Just do it, you won’t regret it, Sharon is amazing.

Kim, Cork

The best way to describe my experience is like a butterfly changing from a Caterpillar. I found my wings. I was able to fly but now everything was in colour. I felt I grew so much in confidence

I found the body confidence solution uplifting. I was eagerly awaiting each session.  I felt like a sponge soaking up all the information as there was so much available.  I wanted to practice everything I was learning daily as it had a great effect on me as a person.  The style part of the course was so interesting learning about my colours and body shape. Being able to go out and know what suits me is so much easier as I usually hate shopping. Being able to access the content for life is great.

Sandra, Limerick

I felt like I was drowning and needed someone to catch my hand and guide me towards the right path as I really just hadn’t a clue how to find my way. That person was absolutely Sharon!

I was no longer willing to accept who I had become and I wanted the old me back.   Sharon understood me and what I was looking to achieve.  She had excellent advice and knowledge and I knew she was the person for me!
She is so brilliant at what she does.  She has allowed me to find my inner confidence and inner cheekiness I was afraid I’d lost forever and I’m so happy,
Do it.  Don’t think too much about it.  Just do it.  Spend the money.  Invest your time.  If it was your best friend considering it you’d tell them to do it.  Do the same for yourself.  You will be so very happy you did it and you won’t regret it one single bit!

Jane, Tipperary

I feel more confident about my choices.

I would highly recommend Sharon as she offered me the unbiased option that I needed to help me find what suits your body shape, colours and style best.

She is very easy to talk to and very helpful.

I have learned about my colours but I also learned about body shapes and style.

Martyna, Cork

I now have the confidence in styling outfits that are a reflection of me both personally and professionally.

Sharon help completely transformed how I see clothes.  I used to feel overwhelmed by a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t bring me any joy.  Working through Sharon‘s process I started to really understand what suited me and what I liked.  This led to a complete wardrobe declutter and a far more intentional approach to dressing and buying clothes.  I now know what I’m looking for in terms of style, shape and colour and I have far more confidence in putting outfits together.


Working with Sharon helped me to let go of the stories and excuses I was allowing to hold me back.

I was using my age, my extra lbs, my circumstances define me and excuse me for living a healthy routine. This was not just about the clothes we wear this was about self worth and self respect.  Just learning to value myself and that I am are worth the effort.


I love Sharon’s honesty and compassion. She makes you feel inspired and excited. It’s not really about the clothes but how you feel and the memories you make wearing them.

I can say without hesitation it’s one of the best programs I’ve ever done
I have always loved style , fashion and colour but I felt I had lost my confidence.
I didn’t know myself anymore.
The added bonus is that Sharon teaches you the tools to create your own unique style picking the colour and shape of clothes that suits you. Sharon is so genuine and takes the time to answer every single question posted by each and every member of the group.
If you are thinking about doing the body confidence or /and style solution just do it…. I promise it will be the best money you spend.  Sharon will sprinkle her magic guiding you to live your best life

Helen, Kilkenny

Going through a course like this with a group of supportive women is so rewarding.

After recently losing 4 stone I wanted affirmation of my body shape, ideas for what I could wear in my own wardrobe, what else I should be buying and what colours suit me. Having reached a certain dress size, I had expected to be radiant and confident, which is the case to some extent, but many of the insecurities still exist and losing another dress size will not knock that on the head. This course did that for me in many ways.

Barbara, Louth

I now have a wardrobe I feel confidence wearing irrespective of my size

Before working with Sharon,  I was an impulse buyer. I bought on a whim buying clothes that were not right and my confidence was pretty low. I had wasted so much time and money and was at a point where I wanted a change.  .Now I have

  1. I organised my wardrobe with step-by-step guidance from Sharon and as a result I gained a new wardrobe as I found clothes that I hadn’t worn in forever!
  2. I realised my colours that suit me and have that palette forever.
  3. I now know my shape and what works – which is amazing.
  4. I now see the gaps and what I need in my wardrobe.
  5. I feel great and shop with confidence and not impulse!

Helen, Dublin

I found a new confidence. I am at peace with my appearance, I know who I am and what I like now!

I am astonished at the amount that I have gained from working with Sharon.  I have the tools, tips and resources to make sensible purchases, investments in my style and wardrobe. No more impulse buys.  I have a style that suits me, that I am comfortable with, and that I love to wear. I have clothes that fit me and that I enjoy wearing,  I am conscious of how to dress for my body shape and aware of the colours that suit my skin tone. I have a new found love for my existing wardrobe without having to buy a single item in the process. I have achieved so much by way of reorganisation and decluttering, it is such a relief, like a weight has been lifted!

Michelle Kingston

I was able to review my wardrobe & revamp it to best suit me.

I was given great recommendations to dress my shape and make the most of the body I have.
I was able to print off & go shopping with as a reminder which I really loved. Highly recommended, professional, passionate & easy to talk to. Thanks so much Sharon.

Yvonne Cahalane

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